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Museum Shop


Artifacts Galore  The Jewish Historical Museum, located in Amsterdam, attracks visitors from around the world. The merchandise is diverse and plentiful, from small hairclips to large ceremonial candelabrum. The design challenge: how to create clarity in a small space with a sea of merchandise. SZIdesign incorporated niches to break up the massive assortment and define the different categories for ease and to increase sales. 


Global Retail Concept


Visualizing Sleep  Hästens is a global Swedish brand known for its luxury beds. The design issue: how to visualize the benefits of sleeping in a Hästens bed to clients across the world. SZIdesign was hired to lead the development and roll-out of a powerful retail concept—from New York to London.


Flagship Retail Store—Milan, Italy  


Renewing Neoclassical  Viktor & Rolf are global fashion icons. Their design brief to Tettero Architects and SZIdesign: co-create a flagship store to represent Viktor & Rolf's uniqueness. SZI also incorporated feng shui in the space by embedding crystals in the floor to create balance. 



Amsterdam & the Hague 


Branding a Retail Empire  Where did Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands shop for clothing during her reign? At the Maison de Bonneterie, a Dutch retailing institution. For 15 years, SZI planned, designed, and implemented  every aspect of the Maison de Bonneterie, from fitting rooms to bespoke furniture.


Retail Departments for the Benelux 


Implementing Beauty  How does the world’s powerhouse beauty brands convey their products to the European market? SZI worked with the Estée Lauder companies (including Clinique, La Mer, MAC, etc.) as well as regional department stores in markets like Amsterdam and Brussels.

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