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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A New York vibe in Amsterdam. Qua atmosphere and cuisine. Fun, welcoming and hip. Located in an upcoming neighborhood in the historic meat market. A casual mix of Industrial, chic, vintage and fresh. The open full height glass space creates transforming feelings throughout the day - whether it's the morning sun beaming in or the evening sunsets creating a more serious dining experience .

Sainte Hermine​, France

Building a Boutique Hotel   This French manor house had not been touched since 1950 or so. SZI worked from scratch, re-defining each space. We created six guests rooms with stylish ensuite bathrooms. SZI also designed the hotel’s reception area, dining room, kitchen—and the owners’ quarters.                  

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Solving Acoustics  The Corpus Rub Massage Studio had a clear-cut issue: the acoustics were less than calming. SZI transformed the series of massage rooms into blissfully silent spaces. The new design uses softer, more sound-absorbent materials while the spaces create relaxing atmospheres.

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