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Explore Your Interior Design Style

Sherrie Zwail uses her many years of interior architecture/design experience to blend her know-how of space, balance, emotions, cultures, energy, feng shui, scale and style to create a personalized workshop to guide you as an individual.

Her main concern and emphasis is that you should connect with your environment; you should feel totally comfortable (and safe) in your own space, whether it is your home and/or workspace. During the one day workshop, Sherrie will ask several targeted questions to get a clear idea of your needs, issues and desires for your space. She will guide you, in opening yourself up which allows you to get in touch with your personal comfort place/space.


Once you can achieve a clear vision, then the execution will be simple. Once you breakdown your barriers, which might have been built up for various reasons, known or unknown, then you have the space within your self, to create the space outside of yourself, in which to live and thrive. You should not limit yourself, or create boundaries, because of budgets or other people’s perceptions or expectations, or for any other reason. She can give you design aids and tips to help you make decisions on your own. 

This applies even stronger for people living with a partner and/or a family. We make many compromises in life and tend to lose our own individuality in the process. Let's explore how to live in one space harmoniously with others who might have different styles and needs. 

A wonderful healthy wholesome lunch is provided and everyone gets to made their own moodboards. Come and explore for yourself and have fun.

Have questions? Contact us about this workshop. Join our mailing list to find out about our upcoming schedules.

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